Soichiro Kanashima - FOR4 Bonus Section

Wed, May 24, 2017
Soichiro Kanashima - FOR4 Bonus Section

9TO5DigiMedia and FP Films is proud to present the 4th installment of the Future of Rollerblading series. We were able to film with some of the most legendary bladers in the game along with some of the new generation of shredders in NYC, California, Atlanta, North Carolina, Las Vegas, and Spain.

MP4 Video (via Instagram).

F.O.R. 4 is out! you can support the project on Sellfy.

Play: F.O.R 4 Bonus Edit | Eugen Enin – F.O.R. 4 (Extras) | Damon Franklin (Lake Havasu) – FOR 4 Bonus | 181st (NYC) – FOR 4 Bonus (2017) with Billy O’neill, Boschi Pope, Victor Arias & Julian Bah.

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